A Freebooter's Fantasy Almanac ~ a sort of real cyberspace memoir
by Sue Bridgwater & Alistair McGechie


This is poetry, wrapped in fantasy, within a memoir... Or, to put it another way, it's a true tale that might well apply to many fantasy fans and gamers who can't be bothered with keeping their realities separated from their more lurid imaginings.
In my case, this is a sort of 'real' cyberspace profiling, during a phase of my life when roleplay truly did need to be therapy, because what was happening around me for real was not what I wanted to participate in. So, buckle up your swash and prepare to witness a titanic battle played out on the field of sanity - where what happens in your head is the only truth that matters.

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5 Star Reviews (taken from & Goodreads)

by Ronald E. Yates

Writing, as any author will tell you, is an intensely personal endeavor. We scribblers pour heart and soul into the scenes and incidents we create or recreate from our own lives. That’s what makes good writing unfeigned and heartfelt and it’s what brings readers back to our work again and again.
What Siân Glírdan has compiled in her “Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac”—a work she calls a “sort of real cyberspace memoir”—is a deeply personal examination of her life. She opens the shutters and windows to reveal “struggles with health, achievement, emotion and, most of all, dreams and imagination.”
This is not a linear narrative or memoir, but an effort peppered with original poetry, painful recollections of personal tragedy and suffering, and inspiring reminiscences of happiness and exhilaration. It is a book interleaved with both fantasy and reality—a challenging work that will carry the reader on a journey of discovery.
It takes courage to write like this because in doing so, Siân Glírdan has opened herself up to great scrutiny. No doubt the impetus for this work is as much catharsis for her as it is an unearthing of emotion for the reader.
The following passage I found especially revealing:
“In our inner life we are all essentially alone with our thoughts and feelings, although those can be expressed of course. Thoughts however are another matter. We are selective in what thoughts stay that way, unspoken, and which are communicated. In a way this exercise is for my own thoughts that I hold close and don’t necessarily speak them to anyone, but want to get them out there somehow. Therapy if you like, but not to a person as such. My stunted way of steering my own course ‘as fair and true’ as I can manage these days.”
As a true Freebooter Siân Glírdan is taking us, as she says, “Into uncharted waters without a map of any real description, or even an idea of what to expect.”
Climb aboard for a cruise into an inspired sea of illusion and imagination, moored by authenticity and unremitting experience.

by Sue Bridgwater

Siân Glírdan’s compelling book is perhaps best described as a ‘Miscellany.’ This is an old-fashioned description of a collection of pieces in different formats, styles, tones and moods, brought together between the same covers. This doesn’t mean in any way that the book itself is old-fashioned, or that it lacks a common theme and cohesion – it’s shot through with the personal and the literary aspects of Siân’s life and experience. Her writing skills are showcased in the various tales, poems and autobiographical sections of the work. She can make you laugh and make you cry, and does both repeatedly throughout this book. Don’t read it without a large pocket-handkerchief or a box of tissues. It’s commonly said of the kind of autobiographical writing Siân includes here, that it’s ‘brave.’ To me that side of the book goes beyond brave, and into a kind of self-revelation that can only speak of hope, courage and tenacity to her readers. It takes strength and trust to open your experience up to public scrutiny in this way. Siân’s poems are lyrically beautiful and again pierce to the heart of human sorrows and joys. Overall, what she gives us here is the story of the growth in power and understanding, not only of a writer, but of a human soul. I urge you not to miss this book. 

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